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How to Start Off on the Right Foot in a New Client Relationship

by / Thursday, 25 May 2017 / Published in Trade Show Sales Leads
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Relationships are the core of any successful business. When you land a new client, it’s an exciting time and great news, but the key is keeping that client around for a long time, and that means creating a connection and building a relationship that will stand the test of time.

The way you start off your relations with your new customer has a huge impact on whether or not that contact sticks around. Learn how to get a new client relationship off on the right foot, so you can build a long-term, successful and lucrative partnership well into the future.

Building a New Client Relationship

Many businesses are confused about how to cultivate relations with a new client — building trust and a regular give-and-take aren’t their forte. If this is you, it’s a skills set you should work to develop. Creating a positive interchange with a client isn’t difficult — get personal with them, offer welcome gifts, include them on outreach and research programs, make an effort to connect, and deliver outstanding service.

Welcoming Your New Client

The first step in creating a new client relationship is to welcome them properly. Thank them with a small gift — a box of chocolate or a coffee mug branded with your business logo, or something of the sort. Extend a personal welcome from the president of the company thanking them for choosing you.

Create a process to introduce them to your company. Invite them for an in-person visit to tour the facility and meet the team. Above all else, deliver your best possible work on the very first effort. Make it on time, on budget and absolutely flawless. Nothing says, “we care,” like giving them what they signed on for in the first place!

Continue the Relationship

Continue your relationship past the welcoming stage. This doesn’t mean constantly bombarding them with advertisements, commercials and sales pitches — that can get annoying. Rather, add them to your email and newsletter mailing list, connect with them on social media and check in with them every so often to see how things are going.

Ask them if there’s anything they’d like to see from you and consider inviting them to join a customer advisory board. Monitor their transaction history with you and track patterns in their ordering patterns so you can address potential concerns before they arise. Invite them to meet quarterly or twice a year to talk about any needs or concerns they might have.

Be Excellent

Of course, your best method of keeping a customer around is consistent performance. You delivered your first project flawlessly — deliver all the other ones just as high-quality. Meet their needs and concerns, and remain in constant contact. It requires a bit of effort, but for the most part you’re just doing what you do best!

If you’d like more help with how you can establish and keep outstanding client relationships, it starts at your trade show exhibition booths. Contact Xibit Solutions for more information about how we can help take your business to the next level today!