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Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Event Tech

by / Monday, 07 August 2017 / Published in Trade Show Tips
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Technology can bring your trade show exhibit design to the next level with added interactivity and engagement. Recognizing the power technology has, booths from companies of all types and sizes have embraced tech elements as a necessary component of trade show booth installations.

The only problem is that technology by itself will not help you accomplish your goals. Your booth needs to incorporate tech seamlessly into its overall strategy and design in order to be truly effective. Missing the need for cohesion, many companies will incorporate technology in ways that simply do not work, either figuratively or literally.

Ensure this issue does not happen to your company during your next exhibition by keeping an eye out for the following common event tech mistakes.

Not Testing Everything Out Beforehand

“We’ll do it live” is not the sensible approach when trying to make a solid impression with your trade show booth. Ideally, the entire booth will be assembled and tested on-site weeks before the trade show to iron out any kinks. Booth reps should also know fully how to use the technology as intended, such as giving people advice on how to interact with certain booth elements.

Also, research the connection fees and other requirements that can affect installing trade show booths. Something seemingly minor like needing a direct ethernet connection can have huge impacts on your booth functionality the day of installation, and requesting extra drops or equipment to make your tech run can quickly add to exhibition costs.

Not Trying to Stand Out

Your tech should never be “the same old” anything. If you have used the same technology for a few years in a row, mix it up. If you find that a booth gimmick like a man-sized smartphone screen has been adopted by dozens of other exhibitors, then try to move on to something else.

The idea is for technology to contribute to an overall experience for your booth. Repeating things that have been done before detracts from that experience and can even detract from the messages you are trying to send. Think bold, and look to find something you would legitimately be “wowed” by at a trade show in order to push your designs further.

Not Taking Advantage of Social Connectivity

Some of the easiest branding efforts at trade shows come from user-generated content stations. These features let people share creations made at your booth instantly to their social media accounts. Too many booths neglect this connectivity, instead settling for interesting interactive ideas that cannot be readily shared.

Take advantage of the free publicity, and amplify the appeal of your interactive elements by incorporating sharing options that are as easy as pushing a button and typing in your information.

Including a Gimmick for Gimmicks’ Sake

Every piece of tech used in your booth should have a function other than just “we wanted to add more tech to our booth.” In other words, focus on how each element brings everything together. If you invest in 4K screens, for example, ensure that you have interesting enough video content to roll on the screens so that people are not just watching something really boring happen in ultra-high definition.

Similarly, try to provide lead capture functions by requesting the email addresses and general contact info of anyone who stops by to play around at your booth.

Work With a Trade Show Booth Installation and Design Expert

Keeping up with all the latest tech options and determining how to incorporate them into your booth design can be a daunting task. You can get help from experts like us, who have experience piecing together unique and advanced trade show booth designs that provide a cohesive branded experience.

Get inspired and start kicking off your custom trade show booth construction with the absolute best tech in hand when you contact us today.