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Creative Inbound Lead Generation Strategies to Try

by / Thursday, 27 July 2017 / Published in Trade Show Sales Leads
generating leads like a magnet

Polite conversations and free swag are the mainstays of lead generation at trade show events, but some brands may need ideas with a bit more teeth to bring in leads. Enter content marketing. With the right inbound-focused marketing assets, you can attract leads during the trade show event — as well as before and after — reliably building out your CRM database with new potential leads.

Many of these ideas are easy to execute, too, allowing you to focus more on your trade show display design as the leads start rolling in. Get inspired and start earning more leads by using the lead-generating content ideas below.


No one can resist a quiz! As the internet can attest, finding out what type of business personality you would have or what type of fish you would be has an irresistible allure to people of all ages. Even true quizzes that test your knowledge can be a powerful draw in the right situation.

Take advantage of this appeal by hosting a quiz right at your trade show booth. Attendees can quickly add their contact info and then start the quiz immediately. For even better branding, you can include the option to share their results on their social media page along with a branded hashtag.

Swipe Files, Checklists and Tip Sheets

Everyone likes getting helpful advice, especially if that advice is in a compact, easy-to-read format. You can harness this appeal and forego typical printed literature by offering instantly sent copies of tip sheets to anyone willing to share their email address. Have a tablet station at your booth with graphics touting the valuable assets, and then make the assets only available by sharing contact information.

Just make sure that the assets are genuinely valuable. A checklist of advice for following up on trade show leads, for instance, can help people as they begin to filter out of the event. Sharing expertise on your own field in the form of tip sheet breakdowns can similarly encourage engagement while also helping to enhance your brand image.

Share Helpful Videos

Video content is exploding online right now. An estimated 74 percent of all online traffic is made up of video content, and 85 percent of businesses are producing videos in-house for branding or marketing purposes.

Video assets usually work best when “ungated,” meaning people usually prefer not to enter in information in order to access them. However, videos — particularly short ones — are often effective at bringing people to the next step in a marketing funnel. If your video includes links to a landing page, for instance, it can be a valuable asset in an effective lead generation campaign.

Releasing informative videos before an industry event can be a great way to generate early hype and leads. Your brand can also recap some of the most important take-away moments from the conference on a daily basis along with a wrap-up video in order to help people play catch-up on the programs they missed.

Create a UCG Station in Your Trade Show Display Design

User-generated content (UGC) not only gives your brand a steady stream of assets to use, but it also gives booth attendees a strong reason to share posts on their social media. These shares can bring in interested booth leads and also spread your reach to their social followers.

Try using an interactive touch screen to create art, for instance, or give people access to a photo booth where they can apply custom decals, similar to snapchat but for larger groups. Make sure your branding is prominent through these UCG assets and that creating or sharing assets can be done simply.

If you need ideas for creative trade show display design or how to incorporate technology effectively into your exhibit, then you can contact us today. We would be more than happy to provide advice, guidance or our own trade show exhibit services in order to help you generate leads more effectively.