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trade show color wheel

For many companies, the color scheme they use has as much branding strength as their logo or the brand name itself. Just looking at a yellow and orange circle can make you think of Tide, while Apple has made a fortune reinventing the appeal of shiny, all-white electronics. The key with all brands and their

trade show event technology

Technology can bring your trade show exhibit design to the next level with added interactivity and engagement. Recognizing the power technology has, booths from companies of all types and sizes have embraced tech elements as a necessary component of trade show booth installations. The only problem is that technology by itself will not help you

generating leads like a magnet

Polite conversations and free swag are the mainstays of lead generation at trade show events, but some brands may need ideas with a bit more teeth to bring in leads. Enter content marketing. With the right inbound-focused marketing assets, you can attract leads during the trade show event — as well as before and after


Your trade show booth cannot afford to be cookie-cutter, mundane or uninspiring. Regrettably, many trade show booths end up falling into these categories because the exhibitor did not consider what they needed to do in order to stand out. The truth is that you can use standard exhibit materials or rent a modular trade show

trade show booth design in Las Vegas

Tens of thousands of companies come to Las Vegas trade shows every year trying to make their mark. To do so, they are increasingly looking for trade show booth theme ideas that not only stick out but also make a lasting impression. The trick to getting this approach right is not just using a theme

xibit solutions trade show builder

Deciding on an exhibit company to help you design your next trade show booth is no easy task. After all, how your booth looks and functions at the trade show will be seen as a reflection of your company as a whole. That’s a lot of pressure! Thankfully, there are ways to make the selection

trade show experimental marketing

These days, you can find just about everything you want online to pass the time. Standing out among all this content can be tough, so instead brands are taking their content offline in the form of experiential marketing. The idea is that “you had to be there” to truly experience the event, something that could

conference booth mistakes

We spend a lot of time talking about best practices at conferences, how to create the best booth space, how to draw in customers and make a good impression. However, when you think about it, it’s equally important to avoid pitfalls and critical errors. What you don’t do is just as important as what you

trade show exhibit

Trade shows are an outstanding way to build your business, make new clients, establish new collaborations with complementary businesses, and get exposure. If you’re lucky, you can even make a little bit of profit while you’re there. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of other businesses there that have the exact same idea. So how can you

trade show visitors

Relationships are the core of any successful business. When you land a new client, it’s an exciting time and great news, but the key is keeping that client around for a long time, and that means creating a connection and building a relationship that will stand the test of time. The way you start off