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Are you new at participating in trade show? Maybe your company isn’t new but this may be your first time putting together an event like this. Even if it is your first time trying to put together a custom trade show display, don’t let other people know that. Many people make a few common mistakes when getting ready for a trade show. One of the largest mistakes is not choosing a trade show marketing strategy. You can’t just go into a trade show and throw together some flyers, have some people hanging around your booth,  and hope for the best. Here are some trade show tactics you may want to consider.

With every marketing and advertising campaign comes strategy. Strategy is how you are going to reach your sales goal. Your sales goal should be achievable but you should always be trying to further it. So what are the advertising strategies that seem to work the best? Here are a few of the advertising techniques that seem to be proven the most successful over time.

1. Positioning yourself as the first. Obviously this is the best type of advertising to use. Being the first to come up with a product or the first to drastically improve a product will be memorable and unique. Not everyone has this luxury though when it comes to marketing their products.

There are many ways to generate buzz for your business. The key is knowing which resources to tap into. First you must define your business. Not only what you do, or what you sell, but who your target market is. Many businesses make errors when defining their business. It is not only what you want your business to be, but also what others view your business as. This may not directly align with your original business plan. Often what and who a business is changes through their duration as a functioning business. You must make sure you stay up to date with exactly what you offer and what your services are when you are trying to generate buzz about your business.

Many businesses must make the decision to either be wholesale or retail. The difference between the two typically lies in whom the customer is. When a business is considered a wholesale distributor, they are typically targeting businesses as their customers. When they are selling their products they are selling in bulk rather than in single portions. Their headquarters or place of business is typically a warehouse or office, and they display little to no merchandise at this place.

Everyone loves a good bargain. No one says, “Wow, I did not pay enough money for that.” There are some stores that have built their empire around providing great bargains. Stores that pride themselves on having the lowest prices and bringing them to you in a convenient and easy way. Here are some of the best bargain stores from around the country.– Although this website doesn’t have an actual store, you won’t believe the deals. Whether you are looking for home goods, purses, shoes, or something for your backyard barbeque, has it all. And they have it all at extremely low prices.

It happens all the time, there will be two stores with similar products and one succeeds while the other gets forgotten. What is the secret to a store’s success? What propels some stores above others? It is smart marketing and business planning. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your store stays competitive and doesn’t get forgotten.

Top Retail Stores

Thursday, 05 April 2012 by

These stores have differentiated themselves and pushed themselves past the rest. What has made these stores so different? What have been the factors that have pushed them to the forefront of their markets? Here are some of the top retail stores and some of the reasons behind their success.

When walking into a store, most people are just thinking about the merchandise placed in front of them. What they don’t know is everything about the store’s design, layout, colors and placements has been specially coordinated to attract them in and lead them towards purchasing. A store’s design is specially formulated to not only differentiate themselves from competitors and other products, but also to influence the mood and feeling of its customers.

Although many people are unaware, color affects mood tremendously. Not only the color but the way the lights hit that color, and the way the colors around interact with one another. For example, the color blue is associated with being calm and focused. You may see sights such as Facebook using blue as their main color and this encourages users to stay on the site for longer because they feel comfortable.

You’ve found the perfect location. You’ve signed the lease agreement. Your stock is on order. And you’re just realizing that the work of setting up your retail store is just beginning. Right now, you’re looking at bare walls, but in just a couple of weeks, you need to be ready to open the doors for your customers. The problem is, you don’t have a clue where to start to create the perfect environment for your merchandise and to encourage customers to come in and look around. What do you do?

Xibit Solutions can help. They don’t just specialize in portable trade-show booths and exhibits for conventions; they’re also the premier retail design consultant businesses use to put together a warm, welcoming ambience for customers without sacrificing functionality or the ability to showcase your inventory.

The Best In Retail Design

Thursday, 16 February 2012 by

We’ve all been in cramped, confusing stores with pounding music and jarring color schemes. You know: The one you spent half an hour looking for the absolute must-have T-shirt or pair of earrings you were giving as a present because nothing was laid out in a logical or customer-friendly manner. You couldn’t get around for the people blocking your way at every turn, everything was thrown up on the shelves however they might fit, and the whole excursion turned into an exercise in frustration. Stores like this don’t encourage customers to come back, do they?

Xibit Solutions is the premier retail design company has to offer because they understand what makes customers tick. Poor design can be found everywhere, but for the best, you need to look to large stores such as Wal-Mart. Offering clear signage and wide aisles, just about everything is laid out so the customer can walk into a Wal-Mart in Amarillo, Texas or New York City, and find what they’re looking for just as easily as they could on their home turf.