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Unique CTIA Wireless Exhibit Booth Design

The CTIA Wireless trade show will return in May, and promises to usher in the next generation of wireless communication with it. This is the perfect time to network with the leaders of the industry. Get all the attention your company deserves by contacting us for a custom CTIA Wireless exhibit booth design that attendees won’t soon forget.

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When it comes time for your business to hit the road, you need to stay prepared with the most flexible solutions available to you. On the road, there is no way to go back to the office for a minute to get something that you or your team forgot. You are stuck with the materials that you bring.

Renting a booth from Xibit Solutions is a completely different story. Included in you CTIA Wireless exhibit booth design package are additional services such as setup, repair or maintenance, and cleanup. This allows you to change your floor plan if needed, or take advantage of a better location whose resident didn’t show up.

This is why your exhibit booth design must be flexible, able to shrink to fit floor plans and expand in order to keep competitors out of your space. You should also be able to invest in a design that lets your display stand out from the surrounding competition.

You may also have a limited space to bring your display. If your exhibitors do not provide you with any supplies, you may be forced to fit your entire display in your luggage, which can be quite an arduous task, even for a professional, if you do not have the proper type of modern display exhibition that can compact itself accordingly.

Believe it or not, you can have all of these characteristics in your next exhibition display, and you can have them in a cost effective way. Contact Xibit Solutions at (702) 361-7502 for the best design options, with the ability to compact themselves into even the tightest luggage (or have us do all the work for you).

Most importantly, you will be able to have the functionality of a full display stand with the design that will bring customer attention to you instead of to your competition.