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Trade Show Booth Designs for ARA Expo

The American Rental Association will have its annual show, ARA Expo, this February. Competition is steep, so if you’re thinking of renting space, trade show booth designs for ARA Expo need to stand out from the crowd. Contact us to learn more.

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Trade Show Booth Designs – The Key to Trade Show Success

Some trade show booths seem to stand out above all others. The reason is simple: trade show booth design. Spotlighting your services and products is a priority of Xibit Solutions. Our trained staff of design experts utilize booth space and turn it into a spectacular floor show that patrons enjoy. Also essential to a trade show booth display is creating designs that remain in the minds of patrons long after the trade show ends.

Trade Show Booth Designers

Xibit Solutions trade show booth designers use size, dimension and color to present your company’s products and services with maximum visibility. Our designs carefully craft the message your business needs to send to prospective customers. Each booth display is unique and bears the mark of professional, top quality design. A trade show booth design is the magnet that attracts the highest number of booth patrons. This is the major energy that goes into all Xibit Solutions designs for trade show booths. Our designers link company, products and services to business logo and logo colors so that a consistent presentation of the business is clearly displayed for trade show patrons. These designs may be understated or visually dimensional to draw in trade show crowds.

Choose a Reliable Trade Show Booth Expert

Make certain your expenditures for your trade show booth results in additional business. Choose a reliable trade show booth expert who provides ideas and creative inspirations that send the right message and offer highest value. Xibit Solutions is a leader in trade show booth design and offers a broad range of unique choices based on today’s promotional trends in marketing design. Xibit Solutions has been a trade show booth designer for more than two decades and has produced booth designs for some of the top names in business. You’ll get custom designs, installation and dismantling and the highest quality booth displays.

Contact Xibit Solutions

Contact Xibit Solutions at (702) 361-7502 to start looking at trade show booth designs for ARA expo, as well as a gallery of our outstanding trade show booth designs. Note the various models that we can create for your next trade show. We offer modular or portable displays, stands and custom exhibit designs. Our national and international clients highly value our expertise. We offer hi-tech graphics and consulting services our clients rely on.