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SEMA Exhibit Stand Rental Solutions

The SEMA Show is perhaps the largest automobile trade industry show around, and it provides an excellent opportunity to network, attract investors, and showcase your automobile industry products and services. Xibit Solutions has everything you need to make your SEMA exhibit stand rental leave your competition in the dust. Contact us for a free quote today.

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Xibit Solutions offers SEMA exhibit stand rental services, such as customized stands to match your theme. For over 20 years, we have been a leading trade show exhibit company. Our broad experience is one of the dynamic factors that makes our team a crucial part of your trade show success. Over the years, we have learned exactly what companies need to be profitable at trade shows and exhibitions.

Our mission is to help you communicate your brand to a prospective market through your trade show and exhibition events. We believe that our display stands and other equipment can achieve this goal.

Why rent our display stands? Some companies prefer to rent our stands instead of hauling them from their corporate headquarters. Often it is impractical to transport display stands and other gear. Many companies use our rental services, such as our set-up and dismantle services.

Some companies rent because that they do very few trade shows. If your company attends only a few shows per year, it may be more cost effective and convenient to rent.

Xibit Solution offers many types of display stands. Instead of laying your brochures on a table like a trade show amateur, use one of our literature stands. Displaying your literature cleanly and neatly in a stand will entice prospective customers into your booth area, or better yet, display your information with a video display.

Banners, flags and similar materials are eye catchers that can add appeal to your booth. We rent a variety of banner stands. Check with our team to learn how renting a banner stand can enhance your booth.

Successful event planners know that new technology sells product. Renting our audio-video stands helps you get the most out of your marketing dollar. Try a multi-screen video stand or a computer station built to entice investors and prospective clients.

Exhibit stand rental is one of Xibit’s specialties. We can help you with almost any phase of your trade show or exhibition event. We offer other products, including booths, custom exhibition artwork and logo displays, pop up displays and more.