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NAB Trade Booth Designs

The National Association of Broadcasters will hold its trade show this April, and all the leading brands and individuals from the entertainment and broadcasting industry will be there. Make sure your company stands above the rest with unique, one-of-a-kind NAB trade booth designs. First impressions are everything and that is why Xibit Solutions implements only the best designs for our customers. Contact us to learn more.

trade show booth gallery

Our 20+ years of experience as a custom trade show exhibit and display stand builder enables us to work with individuals representing many products. Because we understand that every client has unique tastes, we specialize in a wide range of trade booth designs of varying sizes.

We can build exhibits that are 20×30 or larger, 2 story exhibits, truss exhibits, pavilions, modular units and more. We work with you to create the custom exhibit that reflects the purpose of the business in a way that those attending the event will notice. The result is that you will be able to easily fill that air of excitement that you are working to generate. The options are nearly endless and you call the shots.

Here is just a taste of the trade booth designs that we can create for you:

Stage –  If you’re demonstrating a product, you are obviously going to need a stage presence that is going to get the attention of those passing by. We can make you the star of the show by building a stage that will allow you to be seen by the crowds and will properly showcase your product.

Temporary Store – If you will be showcasing multiple products, we can build you a miniature store. Potential customers can walk right on in and look at display cases of product, which will present the products in an organized fashion.

Custom Display Cases – Whether you are simply displaying product for order or displaying it to sell on the spot, you can opt for display cases that individuals can walk around and observe and so much more.

What we want to do is make sure your professionalism and your personality is evident in your trade show booth so that potential customers get a feel for who you are.

Once the trade show is over, we can take the exhibit down so you don’t have to worry about it. This is just a small part of the suite of services that we offer that also includes custom graphic and design. Your booth will be designed in a way that doesn’t overdo it, but gets the attention that it deserves. We can do everything from full digital color prints to vinyl lettering for your NAB trade booth design. This is just a part of what we do to make sure your company is launched into the trade show spotlight the way you need it to be.