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Eye-Catching ICSC Trade Show Stand

The International Council of Shopping Centers trade show provides one of the best opportunities for smaller retailers and businesses to get noticed by the industry leaders. Xibit Solutions can help you design a custom ICSC trade show stand to give you an edge against the competition. Contact us to get started.

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When entering a trade show, it is important to have a trade show stand that sizzles rather than fizzles out in the minds of trade show goers the moment they lay their eyes on it.

Fortunately, Xibit Solutions has more than 20 years of experience building and installing custom trade show exhibits so that you can be heard before saying a word about your product. We can do this because we enjoy being able to transform the visions of our customers into reality, thanks to our group of creative and experienced professionals.

As for what we do, we make planning your stand much simpler. It can be easy to get caught up in graphics, fonts, banners, portable displays, and other elements, and become confused with the overwhelming logistics of it all. We work with you to create a design that coincides with the amount of space you have to utilize, your budget, the product, and the information accompanying that product. That way you have the depth that you need to draw visitors to your stand.

Look at it this way: your image is the very first impression. Interest needs to be piqued and visitors need to be drawn in. We take a look at your product, your vision, and your needs so that your stand can have the depth that it needs to shine. This is done through proper layout.

Of course, the trade show stand layout that you choose is going to depend upon what you wish to accomplish. Perhaps you want to do a demonstration or allow your visitors to enjoy a hands-on experience that may entail them sitting down. Using furniture or small seating can give visitors that “at home” feeling, which means they will give their undivided attention so that you can market your product the way that it is meant to be marketed.

And if in a facility, such as a convention center, where the ceiling is quite high and floor space is limited, that height can be utilized. You can literally have a stand that reaches for the stars. Because we can build 2 story units, you can have the space you need without consuming a large amount of floor space. This allows you to make full use of that little bit of real estate that you are allowed to have on the trade show floor and this will make people want to come and see what you have.

By making full use of your space, you can create an area that is inviting and unique. In addition, you can use banners, portable displays, and various other items to complete the layered look that you need to positively impact your bottom line. Let Xibit make your ICSC trade show stand an unforgettable one.