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CES Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

Why A CES Trade Show Exhibit Rental Is a Wise Investment

The Consumer Electronics Trade Show is one of the biggest trade shows in the country, and is open until the 11th of this month. Normally, a company must attend several trade shows to see significant results. However, since there is such high traffic at the CES, it’s a great opportunity for companies that don’t normally attend trade shows to get their name out there. That being said, it’s not very cost effective to purchase or own a trade show booth if you don’t attend these shows on a regular basis. A CES trade show exhibit rental provides the perfect solution to this problem. Contact us to get started.

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No Storage Issues

While you may have room to store a small exhibit that packs away neatly into a small case, finding a place to keep a larger display can be a problem. If you normally need something along the lines of a 20 x 30 or larger exhibit a couple times each year, renting a booth from a reputable dealer will certainly help to keep things less crowded around the office. In between uses, there are also no worries about one or more of the components of the exhibit being damaged while in storage. You can always look forward to a display that looks fresh and new.

Minimize Travel Expenses

Another great thing about a CES trade show exhibit rental is that you don’t have to be concerned with transporting the exhibit to the show. Instead, all you have to do is provide the rental company with the location of the upcoming show. The display can be shipped and delivered to the site on the date you have in mind. Having the exhibit shipped directly from the vendor means you don’t have to make the arrangements yourself. In addition, the rental company will probably be able to manage the shipment for a lower rate.Another benefit of direct shipping is that you don’t have to be concerned about damage to the exhibit en route. In the event something does happen during the shipment, report the problem to the rental company. They can make arrangements to get a replacement on the way immediately.

Easy Set Up

Many rental companies will also handle the set up of the exhibit prior to the opening of the show. This is good news for you, since it means that you don’t have to do all the work (You’ll probably have enough on your plate already). Instead, you can be on hand to supervise and add any customized touches such as your own banners and graphic displays. This allows you much more time to network with your fellow exhibitors and maybe make a few pre-show contacts that will come in handy later in the week.Along with the set up, you can also count on the rental company to make sure the exhibit is dismantled and prepared for shipping. This allows you more time to get ready for your trip back home and not have to spend time dealing with the packing and shipment of the exhibit itself.