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talking with trade show attendees

Your trade show booth exhibitors are not just set dressing; they are there to engage show attendees in productive conversations. Drumming up interest, establishing connections and representing your company in the best light possible are all typical goals for a trade show attendance, and only talking to people will accomplish them! To meet your goals

Planning a Trade Show Budget

Thursday, 20 April 2017 by
planning a trade show budget

You spend months preparing for the smallest details of a trade show — from the color of the trim around the tablet kiosk to the kerning on the text of your graphics — but one element always seems to sneak up and bite exhibitors on the rear: hidden costs. Since the last thing you want


Trade shows have many complex moving parts that exhibitors will need to take note of in order to have a successful exhibition. For one, setting up your booth is hardly as simple as, say, building a piece of IKEA furniture using instructions. You will need to consider the electrical demands of the booth as well

trade show booth video display

Video displays have rapidly become a key differentiator for trade show booths. But, if everyone is doing them, how do you stand out? The key is to think in terms of the best-fit for your goals and your particular situation. In this mindset, the flashiest or most emotional video content may not be the most

amazing trade show booth for keratage

As more and more startups crowd the industry scene, standing out at trade shows gets harder and harder. Fortunately, for all the noise and the new-fangled bells and whistles of modern trade show booths, there are plenty of traditional design values you can fall back on. These design best practices can help you embrace the

how to promote your trade show booth

What you do before a trade show is often just as important for meeting your promotional goals as what you do at the trade show. Pre-promotion can drum up excitement for your booth and ensure that you get at least some attendees making a deliberate appearance. Advance promotion also helps solidify your brand’s voice by

trade show staff

The trade show staff you choose will have a huge effect on the image of your brand during the event. While other branding elements like your trade show booth installation and dismantle are also important, how your employees act and how adept they are at communicating will reflect more about your company than almost everything

Trade show mistakes

Trade shows are huge opportunities for brands, but many trade show appearances unfortunately fall flat. At the end of the event, the company packs up their booth and barely hears a peep afterwards from all the supposed contacts they made. Looking at their social media profiles, there’s hardly any trace of attending the trade show

amazing trade show booth for keratage

If you’re looking to market your company’s product and create buzz about your business, one of the most important things that you can do is to take part in industry trade shows. Trade shows are both a great opportunity for networking and the perfect chance to get people to take notice of your high-quality products.

Audiopipe - CES 2017

This morning a press release went out about some of the best trade show booths at CES 2017. The release mentions many of our booths and talks about our company. Here is an excerpt from the release. You can read the full press release here. The annual CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is