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Trade shows are not only fun and exciting, but they’re an essential part of your business’ marketing and advertising strategy. They’re an outstanding way to get your name out there and make contact with potential new clients. They can also be frustrating and competitive. After all, you’re in a large space, surrounded by potential customers

exhibit displays that stand out

Trade show displays have to compete in a sea of noise. Almost inevitably, someone attending a show with you will have a bigger, flashier and more expensive booth than yours. Yet, there are plenty of ways to stand out without entering a budget war. In fact, using some simple design principles, you can call attention

exhibition planning tips

Having a plan for your next industry show exhibition is critical for attaining your goals. As the cliche goes: “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail!” Exhibiting attendees can get ahead of the curve by forming a strategy for their next upcoming trade show. This strategy should incorporate exhibition stand design and day-to-day

custom booth design

When trying to make an impact at a trade show or industry event, never underestimate the benefits a well-crafted trade show display can offer. The overall trade show display design and construction should fit the brand and adhere to a certain level of quality. After all, trade show displays represent the brand using them, so

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A few decades ago, when technology like teleconferencing and internet chat was rising, many people theorized that trade show events would slowly wither away. What happened instead was that trade shows became a focal point for all the new forms of digital media. Webcasts, social media posts, content releases and all sorts of other forms


Trade shows offer plenty of fun to be had, but at the end of the day, it’s still all business. The primary goal of attending a trade show is to network with potential clients and partners, after all, even if having a great time is a driving motivator to attend. Clinching important business arrangements involves

trade show color wheel

For many companies, the color scheme they use has as much branding strength as their logo or the brand name itself. Just looking at a yellow and orange circle can make you think of Tide, while Apple has made a fortune reinventing the appeal of shiny, all-white electronics. The key with all brands and their

trade show event technology

Technology can bring your trade show exhibit design to the next level with added interactivity and engagement. Recognizing the power technology has, booths from companies of all types and sizes have embraced tech elements as a necessary component of trade show booth installations. The only problem is that technology by itself will not help you

generating leads like a magnet

Polite conversations and free swag are the mainstays of lead generation at trade show events, but some brands may need ideas with a bit more teeth to bring in leads. Enter content marketing. With the right inbound-focused marketing assets, you can attract leads during the trade show event — as well as before and after


Your trade show booth cannot afford to be cookie-cutter, mundane or uninspiring. Regrettably, many trade show booths end up falling into these categories because the exhibitor did not consider what they needed to do in order to stand out. The truth is that you can use standard exhibit materials or rent a modular trade show